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The only way to treat it as such is to stick to time tested MM principles and not waver.

Practice, patience and discipline are key. The no nonsense, down to earth advice about a realistic path to trading success. No pie in the sky instant riches nonsense here. A well founded trading plan is the key. That plan includes tested and trusted entries and exits I have found the advice about money management and psychology to be most helpful. Entries and exits are only a small part of the puzzle.

You want to develop a long term, sustainable trading profession. A good money management plan encompasses discipline and patience. This is serious stuff and not gambling. The only way to treat it as such is to stick to time tested MM principles and not waver. This work is a great introduction and overview to the idea of trading. It lays out in clear, responsible detail what it takes to become a successful trader and skips all of the pie in the sky hype.

Not too over technical and only at the correct points, this ebook is written in a common sense way which I feel would not belittle anyone or their interlect. It is a well balanced book in approaching all aspects of the subject matter. I would have no hesitation in recommending this ebook to all thinking of or indeed into trading, regardless of their level of experience.

I would recommend it as a must read. This totally blows your previous manual out of the water. The manual is well written, very informative and concise. It gives traders a very good idea of what it takes and what is required to be a professional profitable trader. The manual covers all aspects of trading and highlights the importance of having a good and robust trading plan.

The manual is easy to read and can easily be implemented by all traders very quickly. The manual stresses that there are no magic bullets out there and no holy grail, however success can be achieved by following a strict trading plan, with limiting your risk and drawdown to a low acceptable level.

This manual is an excellent resource for newer traders and it should give them the fundamentals of trading successfully, without spending thousands of dollars on "sercet trading tactics" which promise to make you rich, however never do. It took me longer than expected to read UTS2. Your emphasis on the importance of having the right mindset namely, removing emotion from trading decisions and proper money management is spot on.

You walk the reader through everything necessary to establish a trading business from trading plan through to software selection, back testing and selecting a broker. The resources and action steps you provide at the end of each chapter are also very useful and motivating. All told, a great document for the beginner and a good refresher for the more experienced.

This book is what all experienced traders wish they had at the beginning of their trading careers. Beyond this point every golfer and trader differ in their actions to get the job done as every individual develops their own golf swing and the same applies to trading methods. My point is their is no holy grail that will suit everyone, it is essential to develop your own stile around your personality and abilities, therefore I feel all books should pay a high propriety to this fact early in their content, so clients know they need to access and know themselves at the beginning of their journey, this will start them in the correct direction and simplify the whole process of understanding what is required to be successful.

It is relatively easy for anyone self included to know a lot about a small part of the story; without having the overview that your book offers. So, well done and all power to you. I agree with most what you said. In fact, I have said the same thing to my less expereinced friend. I learned long time ago similar lessons from Dr.

I used the term "3 M" system: Mind, Methodology and Money Management. I believe all three are equally important, like the three legs of a stool. The stool will fall if any of the 3 M is missing. It seems to me you empha. I learn a few things from reading your ebook such as setting the exit at LL x and the formalizeing the three parts of a trading plan. In my opinion, this ebook is more helpful to experienced traders good or bad , but less so to the new ones.

The developing of a trading system is too short. I wish there would have had more on the technical discussion of the system. The use of helpful and simple indicators are not mentioned. I found the read very informative. It also made me realise that it is no good wasting time trying out every new method that comes along.

I avidly read your e-mails and look forward to receiving more, especially anything relating to this recent book. It was a very good read, easy to understand with lots of useful tips. What I liked the most is the practical angle that you took in guiding your readers step by step and recommending materials to read and study.

Although I did not specifically started to use it, it is already part of my approach but I am using it to sharpen my plan and re-evaluate my process. This will take some time. Thank you for offering it to me it has been very helpful. Well, i most probably would have gone through the whole proses that i did to become what i did in any case, i would not have believed your document in any case.

Today after 8 years i do believe your document because i know what i know. I am working through it again because I have made many of the mistakes you warn against. It is the best way of starting trading. The most valuable part to me was to again realise how important the psychology of trading is. I went down the road of the indicators and technicals and got so involved with that part that I became more and more ineffective trading.

Not that I was loosing that much but I was missing out of so many trades because I did not follow my trading plan. Always second guessing it. Second major mistake was trading with mental stop rather than predefined stop-loss. It has been THE source of information and reference for me ever since. UTS 2 has taken a very good manual 1 step further.

It is now more concise and better structured then the first one. I personally love the tasks you give the reader at the end of every chapter. You are definately the one source of information which helped me the most in becoming a Trader. You are one of a small group of providers who outline an approach that if followed has a high degree of safety.

I like the focus on the mind and money management. Vary interesting, well edited; most of it is very simple to understand and the most important thing, it sound very reliable. In contrary to lot of stuff that is offered over the internet, your system, to me, sounds the most trustable and reliable one.

As I have told you in the past, I admire you for your charisma and initiative skill. You are always driving yourself one step further and helping others on the way. I have read countless trading books and honestly this is the first ever book that really takes me to a level of a professional trader.

My trading satisfaction, not to mention my profitability, improves significantly. David has once again produced an excellent condensed guide in "Ultimate Trading Systems" containing many valuable insights and pointers to becoming a successful trader. From my personal experience and application of much of what is contained in "Ultimate Trading Systems", I can only but recommend David and his services and Ultimate Trading Systems - Highly!

I have followed and committed your to your Step-by-Step Instructions. It taught me true money management and more importantly it taught me how to use stop loss orders to minimize losses. True enough, it can indeed be called the Holy Grail of trading. Wish I have it years back! This is the strategy I was waiting for. I have already started to implement your suggestions and I can see it working.

Thank you very much again. The entire package is simply awesome! How I wish I had this course when I first started in the world of trading. Thanks for sharing so much vital information in your indispensable and highly recommended course. It is a must-have manual for anyone who wants to become a successful trader, but does not know the way.

Each lesson is an easy read and comes with specific action steps that, when followed faithfully, will lead a complete novice to the path of becoming a professional trader. I will definitely recommend this manual to anyone who is new or have been running in circles trying to profit from their trading activities. Simply the best book I ever read about trading the market!

Darren Tan - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All successful traders say you need to develop your own trading system based on your own personality Finally here is an easy to follow, step-by-step process that will allow anyone to develop their own successful system. You direct readers to other experts for specifics, an approach which saves the novice traders huge amounts of time and keeps them on the safe and proper track.

New traders especially will benefit from this. At this stage of my growth it provides many details which fill my knowledge gaps. To some people, this may seem so few steps. Thanks so much David! I hope you continue to use your remarkable ability of training individuals to trade in an entirely successful way! For the latest trading strategy updates, visit forexindicator.

Introducing the Ultimate Trading Systems 2. I would highly recommend this e-book to anyone who wants to Learn about pulling the trigger. Learn about managing a Trade as it progresses through to being closed out. Grab your copy NOW Disclaimer - Forex, futures, stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets.

Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Trading Secrests Revealed methodology or system or the information in this letter will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.

How to quickly and easily get started trading profitability. The secret to mastering your discipline, confidence and psychology. How to best enter and exit your trades. What tools the professional traders use. How to prove your trading systems works, before you trade it.

How to maximize your profits and minimize your loses. How to trade part time but make full time profits. Do these methods work? Featured in Smart Investor. Do you have any questions? You can email me by clicking here. I have particularly appreciated your emphasis on the important traits the traders must develop: They were some things that you mentioned that I find myself doing.

Thanks for your reminder and I believe I will do better afterward for my trading. Keep your good job, David! Well done David and thank you. This is a great resource. Vic Smith - Australia "Hi David, This book is what all experienced traders wish they had at the beginning of their trading careers. In his May Monthly Commodity Junctures , Jeffrey showed subscribers how to apply trendlines to this volatile market:.

So, the forecast was for cocoa to hold above the trendline -- and rally. Jeffrey finds trendlines so valuable that he wrote a book about them! In Figure , we use trendlines a different way. By connecting the two lines, we distinguish the breakout point. Later, it provides support when prices revisit the same line circled.

Or, we can count the highs and take it from an intervening low, as seen in this soybean weekly chart. The reversal that occurred in price at the lower boundary line is circled. Reblog 0 Digg This Save to del. As Good as Goodbyes Get: A Window into Death and Dying. Discovering the Gifts in Grief.

Even More Vignettes of Yvette at Vi. The New Rules for Career Success. Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life. The Insanity of Advertising: Memoirs of a Mad Man. Do Not Go Quietly: Leading the Starbucks Way: The Life of Margretta. What Aging Men Want: The Odyssey as a Parable of Male Aging. Guerrilla Marketing to Baby Boomers. The Crimson Path of Honor.

Forex traders to forex; your end of the trading system eamt automated forex bible manual trading a new to forex trading is importance of trading the forex bible. [Trading] Balan, Robert - Elliott Wave Principle 1fta. 5th Forex Manual - 10 Keys To Successful Forex Manual . Wyckoff - The Day Trader's Bible - Or My Secret In Day Trading Of - Global Trading Manual "Incomplete (chapter 3 only)" - Wyckoff Richard "The Day Trader's Bible".

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